Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am a horrible blogger.

So, although I try to write in this thing pretty frequently, I somehow always fail. After getting back from Florida on the 12th and preparing for classes which began the following Wednesday, I didn't really carve out time to write. I do, however, have some funny stories and shenanigans that I felt I needed to share. :)

My little sister Olivia is now five, and for the entire week I was in Florida she was attached to my hip. We went for a "family portrait" in the local Sanford mall, and while we were waiting for the pictures to print, I grabbed a few things from a Victoria's Secret sale, one of which was a glittery spray I thought she would like, and the rest was a little more... er... sexy to say the least. She cried to carry the bag, and so here I was, marching with her to the portrait studio while she carried a big Victoria's Secret bag. When we got there, she wanted to show our male photographer her glitter spray, and ended up pulling out my brand new slinky bras. It's hard to say which of us was more embarrassed.

The next day, we were all going to Seaworld, and while we were walking to a restaurant for breakfast, Olivia got a little impatient with the woman in front of us. The very large, intimidating black woman in front of us. She yelled "move it grandma!" and powered right past her, leaving me in the path of her destruction.

Needless to say, she's pretty much my exact copy. She's crazy, ballsy and funny, and I'm so glad I got to spend the week with her and my even younger sister Sofia, who was MUCH more reserved, but still showed me how she could dance to her favorite music: hardcore rap. She basically lays on her belly, sticks her feet up in the air behind her and wiggles.

I love them.

Anyways, sorry it's been so long and I haven't really written anything substantial. Obviously my diet kind of died, and although I'm trying to get it back on track it hasn't really come to anything yet. Nothing gained and nothing lost, which for a woman on the dating scene isn't so great.

Best wishes and thanks for reading!

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