Saturday, December 3, 2011

Much Delayed

I realize I haven't posted anything in quite a while, but I have had my reasons. Unfortunately college has the indisputable ability to completely consume my life. Along with trying to keep up a thriving social life and a 4.0, I've let my blog slip a little.

Also, there has been one more thing.

I'm a little extremely embarrassed about what's been keeping me busy for the past couple of weeks. I've been reading. I know this doesn't seem like something that should be negative, but it's the material that I've been completely engrossed in that may be a little disturbing. Even more so for those who know me.

I read Twilight.

That's right. I powered through the entirety of the series in a little over a week. I would really love to chalk that up to Twilight being insanely simple, stupid or just so easy to interpret that it was a quick read and I hated it. The truth is a little more embarrassing than that. I completely and utterly fell in love with this series, and I just couldn't let myself put it down for any length of time. Granted, I'm no Twi-hard or anything like that, and I am by no means going to start an expedition for "my Edward", but I must say I really loved the series. It was extremely easy to read, a thoroughly written story with a solid plot line and very well-defined characters, and I just simply liked the way it read.

And no, I'm not taking sides.

Although if I had to, I would be team Edward. Just as a hypothetical.

Also, this bitch from Twilight has a huge forehead.


At any rate, I would actually recommend this for anyone who is lacking a little romance in their lives. For a young adult series, it's actually pretty frisky. But enough of that, back to things that don't make me look like a total idiot.

I've also just gone through a rather long move into a new home. While I was moving, and we were in need of some fast food, I decided to go to Taco Bell for everyone's dinner.

Big mistake.

The first Taco Bell I went to had the stereotypical horrible drive through service aimed at confusing me and giving me something I didn't want. I somehow ordered 10 hard tacos which was nowhere near what I wanted, and after pulling forward about 10 feet I panicked and took off, never to visit that particular restaurant again. Not because of service issues, but what if they recognized my flighty face?

I hope you enjoyed this odd post, and hope to hear from you all :) Until next time!

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